Rustic Nursery

At Rustic Baby Creations we specialize in making dream nurseries done to life. 

All items are made by hand in my home studio. 

Custom Nursery ensembles can include:

Crib sheets

Crib skirt

Change pad covers

18”x18” pillow covers (pillow form extra)

Soother blanket 

Cuddle (Woobie)

Car seat blanket/Lovey

Baby blanket

Crib blanket

All of our products are made from high quality Minky fabric. 

100% polyester 

Care instructions:

* Machine wash in COLD water.  Putting heat on the blanket will melt the blanket fibers together and your blanket will loos it’s softness. 

* For best results wash alone. 

* We recommend using regular liquid or powder detergent when washing  pods are not recommended to use on your blankets  

* NO fabric softener.  Minky blanket fibers are very fine.  If the blanket is washed with fabric softener, the water has a hard time pulling the softener from the blanket fibers. It will get trapped between the divers and harden when it dries, leaving the blanket feeling crusty.

*. Hang to dry.  After sires toss in the dryer on AIR setting only to fluff it up again  

**PLEASE NOTE:  Please allow 2-4 weeks, as all products are made to order **