Motocross Collection

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**PLEASE NOTE:  Allow 2-4 weeks, as all products are made to order ** 

Made from high quality Minky fabric. 

100% Polyester

Motocross print on the outside with a coordinating Minky on the back. 

Soother blanket:

Measure Approximately 9”x9”  

Has a coordinating ribbon in the corner for attaching little ones soother too giving the little one something to hold onto.  Also helps with not loosing all those soothers when then drop.

Cuddle Blanket:

Measure approximately18”x18”

Blanket has a ribbon in one corner. This makes attaching the cuddle blanket to a car seat or stroller easy, to ensure that it doesn’t drop and get lost. As well you can attach a soother or teething toy to the ribbon. 

Car Seat Blanket: 

Great for newborns. Perfect for a car seat lap blanket or as a lovey, or sensory blanket for older babies and toddlers. 

Quite often purchased in addition to the Baby or crib blanket,  utilizing the same fabrics. This is a smaller version that can easily be taken on trips or as a security blanket for grandparents or daycare.

Baby Blanket:

Measures approximately 28”x40”

Perfect baby gift!  This particular size is just right for wrapping baby up in.  As the little one grows, the blanket make as perfect lap blanket for toddlers  

Crib blanket:

Measure appears 35”x45”

Perfect size for a crib, or when transitioning to a toddler beds.  Makes a great “big bed” blanket  

Child Size:

Measure appears 40”x50”

Great for all ages. Grows with the little ones.  Will fit a toddler bed with some overhang.  Makes a great throw/couch blanket for all ages  

Couch throw:

Measure approximately 58"x60"

Perfect size for a teen, as well as a great blanket for two to snuggle up under and watch your favorite movie together.

Adult Throw:

Measure approximately 58”x80”

The perfect blanket to wrap yourself in while relaxing or snuggling under with that special someone  makes as a great gift for teens and older  Fits a twin bed with some overhang.  Great addition to any camper for those cool nights  

 Care instructions:

* Machine wash in COLD water.  Putting heat on the blanket will melt the blanket fibers together and your blanket will loos it’s softness. 

* For best results wash alone. 

* We recommend using regular liquid or powder detergent when washing  pods are not recommended to use on your blankets  

* NO fabric softener.  Minky blanket fibers are very fine.  If the blanket is washed with fabric softener, the water has a hard time pulling the softener from the blanket fibers. It will get trapped between the divers and harden when it dries, leaving the blanket feeling crusty.

* Hang to dry.  After sires toss in the dryer on AIR setting only to fluff it up again  

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